How To Decorate Shelves In Living Room?- 17 Tips

In addition to serving as book storage, shelves also serve as accessory displays. Find out how to decorate bookshelves so they are beautiful and functional. With the aid of these bookshelf decorating ideas, you can transform a blank wall of shelves into a tastefully decorated space.

How To Decorate Bookshelves?

1. Easy Bookshelf Decor

Avoid the urge to over-accessorize each shelf for picture-perfect bookcase decor. For vases and figurines, stick to a one-color or tone-on-tone palette while mixing up the shapes to maintain a tidy appearance. Take a step back occasionally to evaluate the harmony of your arrangement as a whole. Put things off-center or experiment with bigger and smaller items until you like what you see.

2. Decorate Bookshelves With Mementos

Bookshelf decorations can be made from items that are meaningful to you or that bring back particular memories. To decorate your shelves, collect mementos from your travels, artwork from flea markets, or priceless collectibles. Arrange horizontal book stacks to act as a pedestal for small objects for a more dynamic display.

3. Arranging Accessories On Bookshelves

Alternately stacking books horizontally and vertically will make your reading materials more visually appealing. Making use of accessories as bookends is among the best bookcase decorating ideas. Boldly colored decorations and picture frames make excellent bookends and draw attention to themselves on plain shelves.

4. How To Arrange Books On Shelves

To create color-blocked bookshelf decor, arrange books according to the color of their spines. By stacking books both horizontally and vertically, you can create interest and a variety of heights. In order to make only the pages visible, turn the spines of any volumes that don’t match the others so they face the wall.

5. Layered Bookshelf Decor

You have the luxury of playing with layers on deep bookcases. Hang artwork along the back of the shelves, and secure it with heavier items like books. Put a few tiny works of art close to the front of the shelves to adorn them. This will give the shelves depth. The uniqueness of large vases or decorative plates can be concealed without losing it behind compact frames.

6. Bold Yet Simple Bookshelf Decor

If the book spines aren’t visually appealing, paint the nearby bookcases a contrasting color to draw attention. In this living room, the mostly-white decor on the shelves and other parts of the room contrasts sharply with the black built-ins. A more unified color scheme can be maintained by flipping books so that the pages face outward rather than the spine.

7. Modern Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Group a few books that are all roughly the same size together for a modern shelf’s sparse appearance. Leave lots of empty space on shelves and accessorize with sleek vases and metallic decor to let the accessories stand out. An eye-catching wallpaper backdrop would add color to the entire shelving unit.

8. Bookshelf Storage Ideas

By tucking a bookcase into an empty space, you can increase storage. Thanks to a set of built-in shelves in this banquette area, a blank wall was converted into useful storage space. Decorate lower shelves with books and baskets of commonly used items. Keep decorative items and other items you don’t frequently need to reach on the upper shelves.

9. Symmetrical Bookshelf Decor

Collect a wide range of collectibles to give office bookcases an organized appearance. Set up a loose symmetry by positioning your chosen items between books. If you have a picture frame or other square-shaped item on one shelf, place a collectible with a comparable shape and size on the other side. It’s essential to scatter books throughout a wall of bookshelves like this one to add visual interest.

Decorate Shelves

10. Colorful Bookshelf Ideas

To make the room feel cohesive, extend your color scheme to your bookshelf. A nearby throw pillow is a light blue color, and accessories on the shelves here match it. Toys and movies are hidden in storage cabinets so they won’t interfere with the display.

11. Pretty Bookend Ideas

When designing bookcases, don’t overlook the impact of bookends! Maintain tidy, well-organized shelves by using heavy, durable decor or even architectural salvage as bookends. Paperbacks and slimmer books, which have a harder time remaining upright, benefit most from bookends.

12. Living Room Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Books and decorations should be arranged on staggered shelving to create a decorative bookcase that is worthy of display. With its uneven rows and columns, a slanted shelf like this one is even more intriguing. Place the most eye-catching books and pieces of art on the living room bookshelf so that visitors can browse them.

13. Functional Bookshelf Storage

In order to keep a living space organized, bookshelves are excellent tools. Use magazine holders to hold loose papers on open shelves. Storage bins can brighten the design while hiding clutter. Finish off the bookshelf decor with finds from flea markets, decorative containers, and potted indoor plants.

14. Clean Bookcase Decor

Filling the shelves of built-in bookcases with books will maximize storage space and aesthetic appeal. For a decorative appearance without the need for additional accessories, arrange shelves by color. Do not forget that you can hang decorations from shelves as well. The lines of books are broken up by these mounted works of art.

15. Neutral Bookshelf Decor

Great bookshelf decor can be found in vintage items. Choose a few special items to highlight. Here, antique books and a suitcase make a lovely combination, and a large wooden bowl is supported by the books. The bookshelves’ neutral decor is completed by books that have their pages turned out.

16. Bookshelf Art Ideas

Deciding how to decorate bookshelves in an eclectic way can be challenging. As long as the colors are complementary, artwork in a variety of styles can all coexist on a bookshelf. This bookcase’s shelves are home to blue and white, so the colorful statue doesn’t seem out of place next to a golden armadillo.

17. Bedroom Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Make a headboard out of a built-in bookcase for a stylish and useful look. Mounted sconces in this bedroom provide plenty of space for nighttime reading materials and décor. Vases and frames placed between book-filled shelves can add visual appeal.

What Do You Place On Shelves To Accessorise Them?

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what you can put on your shelves to decorate. ‘Consider your finest ceramics, vases, and decorations as well as sentimental items like pictures, prints, and artwork, advises Emma Deterding, founder and creative director of Kelling Designs. ‘Items that evoke special memories should be displayed on the shelves.’

In order to give shelves structure and a lived-in appearance, books are a must-have for many interior designers. They may be shown in a. traditional way or stacked horizontally in piles and used as mini podiums for smaller decorative objects.

Furthermore, ‘remember plants and greenery will add life to your shelving, so be sure to include them to bring a sense of the outdoors in and help ground the space

Why Do Shelves Need To Be Decorated?

Are you unsure of how to stock bare shelves? Having empty shelves can be intimidating, but Samantha Wilson, founder and interior designer of Collection Noir(opens in new tab), advises taking the time to evaluate the space. ‘How many shelves are there, and are the shelves’ widths and heights varied? This is where you should start because it will give you the clearest idea of the possible objects, shapes, and sizes you might use.’

Getting all the décor items, extras, and sentimental items you might want to include is the next step. ‘Be imaginative to create a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. You might want to add things like books, boxes, vases, flowers, picture frames, plants, and ornamental items, to name a few.’ The display will have rhythm and interest if you choose a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes.

From here, start by setting up the larger items, such as framed art or collections of large books, as these will determine the display’s structure. ‘First, arrange the books in layers on various shelves. Now would be a good time to add a tray as well, suggests Samantha Wilson.

‘Layering smaller pieces comes next after placing the larger ones in place. Don’t forget that the shelf’s primary function is display rather than storage, so keep the number of small items to a minimum to prevent clutter.’

Tips & Ideas For What To Put On Your Shelves

I sincerely hope that these formulas were useful to you all. I’m a girl who likes to spell everything out. In order to conclude, I wanted to share a few last ideas and advice to consider when you’re adorning your shelves:

  • Odd numbers typically work best – you’ll notice that most of my formulas involve doing things in 3’s
  • Keep things interesting by using a variety of textures, such as chunky baskets, coral, and finishes.
  • Leave some room; don’t be afraid to do so! Our family room’s bottom shelf is home to my large jug, which sits by itself on a few feet-long shelves.
  • Display your personality, interests, etc. Family photos, mementos, or anything else that makes you smile looks great on shelves. They don’t have to be, but they can be, filled with books. At least one person always comments on Instagram whenever I post a photo of our bookcases, “Bookshelves should be for books.” No, they should be used for whatever you want them to be. After all, your home is where you should live.
  • Your objects’ heights should be evenly spaced out!
  • Choose faux plants if you don’t have enough light to keep real ones alive on your shelves!
  • Add wallpaper to the back of your shelves to dress up your bookcase! I used this grasscloth wallpaper on my shelves in the family room.