Do You Tip Furniture Delivery? When Pay More?

It’s customary to tip a variety of service providers. However, do you tip furniture delivery? The majority of customers who opt to tip typically leave between $10 and $20 per delivery person. We’ll go over this subject in great detail and demonstrate how much to give in the post that follows.

Do You Tip Furniture Delivery?

Tipping for the delivery of furniture is not required but is always appreciated.

The people delivering your furniture will undoubtedly appreciate a tip. But gratuities are neither required nor typically expected for this service. Deliveries are made by companies that pay their drivers, as opposed to restaurant servers who are paid a low wage and rely on tips for the majority of their income. At the very least, these workers ought to be paid the minimum wage.

Additionally, unlike other delivery services like pharmacies or florists where tipping is customary and perhaps even expected, it is not customary for furniture delivery professionals.

How Much to Tip a Furniture Delivery Person?

As a general rule, $5 to $10 is customary as payment for the delivery of furniture. Based on the complexity of the delivery service, it is advised to tip more in this case.

A few factors to consider might be the size and weight of the unit and if the delivery involves multiple pieces of furniture. Consideration of the working environment is also crucial. For example, you may want to tip more if the delivery people are working on a day with bad weather.

If the delivery person impressed you by going above and beyond and providing exceptional service, you might be more inclined to tip them!

When Should You Pay More Tip Furniture Delivery People?

When determining how much to tip, consider the level of service.

The answer to “do you tip furniture delivery people?” also varies based on the quality of service you receive. Consider leaving a tip for your delivery person if they are on time, courteous, and accommodating with your requests.

Some delivery people might go above and beyond what is expected of them to assist you. For instance, if they move your old couch to the basement before bringing in the new one, you might want to give them an extra tip.

On the other hand, you might decide not to leave a tip if your delivery driver is unreliable, obnoxious, or disrespectful of your property.

Give a little extra money if the assembly of the furniture is included.

When deciding how much to tip a delivery person, think about being especially kind if the delivery staff had to put the items they brought you together. It can take a long time to assemble furniture, which limits the number of other deliveries the drivers can make on a given day.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about assembling the furniture yourself because the drivers will take care of that for you. You might want to give the team an additional tip for their time and attention to detail if you are pleased with how the furniture was put together and how well they cleaned up their mess.

do you tip furniture delivery

For particularly challenging deliveries, think about leaving a bigger tip.

Delivery of certain types of furniture can be more difficult than others. Consider leaving the drivers a larger tip than you would for a relatively simple delivery if your delivery is particularly challenging.

Delivering multiple items or especially heavy pieces, sloping driveways or walkways, confined spaces, or several flights of stairs are a few situations that make furniture delivery more difficult than it might otherwise be. Deliveries can be more difficult when it’s raining, snowing, or icy outside because the delivery personnel must attempt to prevent damage to your items while also preventing injury to themselves. If your furniture is delivered with stairs, ice, bulky furniture, or any of these other circumstances, a larger tip might be appropriate to compensate the delivery drivers for their extra work.

Examine alternatives to leaving a cash tip.

If you’re still wondering, “Do I give a tip for furniture delivery?” keep in mind that a furniture delivery tip doesn’t always have to be monetary. Despite the fact that your drivers will undoubtedly appreciate some cold, hard cash, there are other ways to express your gratitude for a job well done.

There’s a good chance that both the delivery before and the delivery after yours was made by one of your drivers. They probably won’t have time to pause for food or drink given their hectic schedule. Offering them a cold bottle of water, a bag of chips, or even a sandwich can go a long way toward expressing your gratitude for the services they are rendering.

Why Should You Tip Furniture Delivery?

Tipping is not required for furniture delivery, we will make that clear.

However, we support giving the delivery men for furniture a tip.

Here’s why:

Low Hourly Rate

For moving or purchasing furniture, you pay a lot.

Of course, the delivery company pays its employees.

But the low hourly rate falls short of the compensation that delivery specialists should be receiving in terms of money.

They do indeed make more than the minimum wage, but by no means do they gain from the high cost of the furniture you purchase.

Giving your furniture delivery people a tip not only expresses your gratitude but also increases their income.

Your $10 bonus helps the mover pay their bills over time.

A tip also offers much-needed financial support to supplement the low wages.

Show Appreciation

The delivery service occasionally might not be familiar with the layout of your building.

You might leave a tip for the delivery team if they deliver your furniture to the 17th floor without even a scratch. Not every day is sunny.

If the furniture delivery service still makes the delivery despite the bad weather, express your gratitude. Give thanks for any excellent or discrete service. It is the unwritten rule of tipping.

do you tip furniture delivery

Hard Work

Bringing furniture to your door can occasionally cause delivery personnel to suffer back injuries.

Even with heavy furniture, the moving team will always deliver your purchase to your home.

Hard work is not directly accounted for in the moving company’s compensation scheme for employees.

Consider tipping in such circumstances requiring physical effort.

How Else Can You Thank Furniture Delivery?

Cash may be king, but there are other ways to express gratitude. The following gratuities are appreciated by the service delivery staff.

Be Appreciative

“Thank you,” “I appreciate your work,” “Good job,” or any gratuitous phrase that conveys your heartfelt appreciation.

The kind words can occasionally be just what the delivery men need to keep managing the occasionally difficult furniture deliveries.

However, whether you will summon the kind words depends on their disposition and friendliness.

Let Them Use the Bathroom

Allow the delivery workers to use the restroom before continuing their work.

It might be excessive to let them use your luxurious powder room, but some homeowners do.

The methods listed above are not the only ones you have for praising good service.

Depending on your personal preferences, any other approach is welcome.

Offering them a place to sit and recover their energy, helping them off-load, giving them wipes after the job, and leaving five-star ratings on the delivery app are a few unconventional methods.

Offer Food Or Drink

It is demanding to deliver furniture. Give the furniture delivery people water, soda, or lemonade to replenish their energy.

It would be preferable if they could carry the food or water because the delivery company only pays the delivery men hourly, which might leave them with little time to eat.

Sandwiches, which are quick meals, are probably a better way to express gratitude than tips.

What Are the Complexity of the Delivery?

The majority of the time, doors are narrow and furniture is large. Sometimes the furniture is heavy, your hallways are confined, and your doors are small. Because there is a high likelihood of damage, you are worried about the security of your investment.

To deliver your order safely, the furniture delivery team must deal with these high-stress situations. When their trucks can’t access a driveway, they occasionally have to carry bulky furniture down it. Sometimes they have to move furniture upstairs and clear obstacles out of the way.

Such deliveries unquestionably take a lot of time and effort. You might think of tipping because of how complicated they are. Tipping each man $20 or more isn’t a sign that you’re getting taken advantage of; rather, it’s a sign of appreciation.


Some furniture purchases need to be assembled. However, while some furniture retailers only offer drop delivery, others will deliver your furniture and assemble it for you. You might not be able to complete the laborious process of putting furniture together by yourself. Even if it is not one of the services they provide, your delivery person can offer to assemble it for you.

Some even remove the previous pieces and clean up their mess. Do you tip the delivery of furniture, then? Was the level of service acceptable? Take a look at it this way: This team has made an effort. Instead of leaving it on the porch, they decided to put your purchase together. It’s best to give them a gratuity for their courtesy.

do you tip furniture delivery

Quality of Service

To assess the level of service you receive from the furniture delivery personnel, you will always use a variety of signals. It’s possible that they left your furniture in the doorway or that they’re hastily dragging it inside, putting it at risk of damage. It’s unlikely that you’ll consider leaving them even a small tip.

You might decide otherwise if they offer to assemble your furniture, assist you in cleaning up the packaging mess, or help you rearrange the space. When they assist you in moving old furniture outside, even though it is not required, they should be given a tip.


Teams that deliver furniture occasionally work in hot, humid conditions or in freezing temperatures. This is the ideal time to tip if you are expecting the delivery of furniture while the weather is such that you would rather not go to work. They don’t have a claim to the bonus, after all. But it is a gratuitous gesture.

As an alternative, depending on the weather, you could show them some compassion by giving them a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. You could even let them use your restroom. These may seem inconsequential to you, but even a small tip can’t buy the value of such kind deeds.


If your furniture doesn’t fit through your doorway or elevator, your only options might be to disassemble it and reassemble it later or use the stairs. You’ll need more time if that’s the case.

The delivery team may decide to go above and beyond what is required in order to use their abilities and strength to deliver your furniture inside. Alternatively, you might not be home, in which case the team delivering the furniture had to wait outside for about 30 minutes before you showed up.

It is sufficient to tip them for putting a strain on their active engagements if you mess up their timelines. Keep in mind that they are compensated hourly.

Give a tip to make delays nice. However, it is also a good reason not to tip them if they made you wait for them past the designated time and you end up running late for work or a meeting.

What Percentage of People Tip Furniture Delivery?

Depending on the service, distance, furniture value, and other factors, moving furniture can be inexpensive or expensive.

The compensation of the delivery agent is typically included in the pricing model.

Given this, not many homeowners give the furniture delivery man a tip.

A WoollyGreen article states that 50% of customers give tips to movers.

The range is $5–$10, but if it requires a lot of physical effort or is a complicated delivery, like an appliance delivery, they raise it to $20.

A growing number of people are relocating to low-income housing, which has contributed to the culture of tipping furniture delivery workers.

Do You Tip Moving Companies?

The thrill of a new life is the excitement of moving. It may also rank among the most stressful experiences one can have. Moving is also associated with lifted boxes, cupboards, appliances, sofas, beds, and mattresses that need to be transported, regardless of whether you concentrate on the positive aspects of the new adventure or if you are sad to leave your friends and beloved places you are attached to.

Calling movers is the best option to relieve you of this task.

What percentage should you leave the movers? Several people suggest leaving a tip equal to 20% of the total moving costs.

A good rule of thumb is to round off your total, double the amount, and then add one decimal point if you want to quickly calculate a 20% tip without using a calculator.

For instance, if the total cost of your move is $373.80, round that up to $374. Then, take $374 and multiply it by two to get $748.

Move the decimal point one place to the left at this point, making $74.8. Thus, $74.8 represents a 20% gratuity on $374.

If the movers do a good job, the standard tip for a full service that includes packing and moving is $5 per hour. A gratuity of $40 per day per mover can also be left to make things simpler.

You must tip the moving team equally if you decide to do so.


Now that you know, you should tip furniture delivery people to say thank you for their laborious work. When you are pleased with their work, leaving a tip for the delivery team who brought the mattress to your house is rewarding for them. Furniture delivery drivers typically get a $10–$20 gratuity.