How To Clean Outdoor Furniture? – You Must Read It

Furniture that lives outside gets dirty! And learning how to clean patio furniture ought to be simple in this day and age.

In addition to kids, pets, and regular use, there is dust, pollen, and weather can all impact the look and longevity of your outdoor furniture, so it’s important to know the best ways to keep your furniture looking and feeling fresh.

Listed below are our top suggestions for cleaning patio furniture, along with a list of all the tools you’ll need. Outer demonstrates how to do everything from getting deep into the wicker of your furniture’s weave to removing damp mold from fabrics.

Why It’s Important To Clean Outdoor Furniture?

Your outdoor area, whether it be a small patio or a large deck, serves as your very own outdoor sanctuary and should be treated as such. For your outdoor space to be ready to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice, this also includes taking care of your patio furniture.

While cleaning patio furniture isn’t always enjoyable or exciting, it also doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time.

Additionally, keeping up with your outdoor furniture is essential for extending its lifespan and getting the most out of your investment!

Whether you use your patio furniture every week or just for a few months a year, over time it will inevitably accumulate dirt and pollutants. Although the majority are unharmful, some may harm your outdoor furniture.

Even though patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements that come with life outdoors, insects, mold, dirt, and varying weather conditions can still affect your furniture’s lifespan and usability in the long-term

Furthermore, not taking proper care of your patio furniture can make it difficult to entertain outside. Who wants to unwind on patio furniture that appears to have not been cleaned since being bought, after all? No, thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to forget about your patio furniture when doing your regular cleaning. This can be especially dangerous if you aren’t giving it the proper coverage protection.

Tools You’ll Need To Clean Outdoor Furniture

  • Bucket of warm water
  • Gentle, natural dish soap or detergent
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Garden hose

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture?

1. Prepare Your Furniture For Cleaning

Your outdoor furniture’s cushions should first be taken off. Ryan Schwarze, Head of Luxury Rattan(opens in new tab), advises washing removable cushion covers in your washing machine with your regular detergent for a refreshment. You can hang them on your radiator or the outside to dry. He continues, “Make sure they’re completely dry before putting them back on the inserts.”

Ryan advises spot cleaning your cushion covers with warm water and a mild detergent if you are unable to remove them for a machine wash. Any stains can be removed with a soft scrubber before being removed with a damp cloth. He continues, “Before leaving to dry, absorb any excess moisture with towels.”

2. Get Rid Of Loose Dirt

Then you must remove any debris from the surface of your furniture, including any moss, cobwebs, dust, or fallen leaves. To remove any stuck-on debris, use a brush like the one that came with your dustpan and brush set.

Then, use the brush attachment to remove any accumulated dust if you have an extension cord or one of our top cordless vacuum cleaners that you can take outside.

3. Wash With Soapy Water

Tina Mahony, Director of Go Modern(opens in new tab), advises using a dash of washing up liquid to clean outdoor furniture. She continues by pointing out that the pH level of washing liquid is typically 7-8, which is regarded as neutral.

The first step is to combine a bucket of warm water with an egg cup full of dishwashing liquid. The furniture should then be cleaned with a soft cloth and given some time to soak. Make sure to explore all the crevices and nooks. When cleaning stains where fabrics overlap, a soft toothbrush can be a helpful tool.

4. Rinse With Your Garden Hose

The furniture must then be thoroughly rinsed of all soap suds.

Despite the fact that our best pressure washers are excellent for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including cars and patios, the top models can be too powerful for cleaning outdoor furniture. Don’t try to grab yours now, if you’re tempted to. Instead, choose a garden hose with a medium pressure setting. If it’s time for a replacement, check out our guide to the best garden hoses for every price range.

Allow the furniture to completely dry after all the soap has been rinsed away.

How Do You Clean Plastic Outdoor Furniture?

  1. Light stains, cobwebs, or dust can frequently be eliminated with a gentle wipe with a cloth and warm, soapy water.
  2. You might want to choose a diluted bleach solution for tougher stains, especially on white furniture. To ensure that it won’t affect the finish of your furniture, test a small area in a hidden location first. When using bleach, always wear safety goggles and rubber gloves.
  3. Remember to clean in between the cracks and underneath the furniture as well (an old toothbrush can be helpful here).
  4. Before letting it air dry, thoroughly rinse your furniture. If you’ve used bleach, be cautious not to rinse the diluted bleach onto an area where it might hurt, like a lawn.
  5. After it has almost dried, try giving it one last wipe-down with a soft cloth to remove any remaining water spots.

How Do You Clean Metal Outdoor Furniture?

  1. Furniture made of aluminum and stainless steel can be cleaned and protected with specialized cleaning waxes. Some stainless-steel waxes can also eliminate surface oxidation deposits and stop any upcoming stains.
  2. For long-lasting weather resistance, the manufacturer of aluminum and stainless steel furniture ought to have powder-coated items. However, you can purchase “corrector” pens with liquid paint that will quickly dry and fix any damage for the occasional scratch or abrasion (choose solvent-free). To find the perfect color match, see if these can be supplied when you buy your furniture.

How Do You Clean Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

  1. According to Homebase, you can easily clean your synthetic rattan furniture with soapy water. The Home Depot(opens in new tab) adds that it’s a good idea to use a very soft brush or cloth to do this in order to avoid damaging the finish or fraying of the weave.
  2. Homebase adds that you might need to pay it a little more attention if there is a metal frame underneath. If it’s made of steel, you’ll need to look for scratches and treat them to prevent rust (see how to clean metal outdoor furniture, above.

How Often Should You Clean Outdoor Furniture?

Generally speaking, we advise cleaning your outdoor furniture twice a year using the methods above. Clean it once as part of your spring gardening plans, once when you first uncover it to wash off any cobwebs or debris, and once more before you put it back into storage in the fall.

However, if you’re using covers to store furniture, make sure the piece is entirely dry first because the moisture that is trapped can harm the piece and promote mold growth. According to Tina Mahony, Director of Go Modern, it is actually frequently preferable to only clean wooden furniture in the spring in order to reduce this risk.