Revamp Furniture: Tips And Ideas

Revamping furniture is a good way to refresh our old furniture to save money. Painting is the easier way to revamp furniture. So how to paint it? What else ideas for furniture can be revamped? Continue reading, and you will learn the method of revamping furniture.

How to Revamp Furniture?

There are simple eight ways to revamp furniture. This might be your best choice if you’re an absolute woodsman. If your furniture is made of particle board or fake wood, skip the step. For our buffet makeover, I stripped the entire piece using this paint stripper.

When you’ve completely stripped your piece, use natural wax to restore it to its former glory. I like to use clear wood wax because not only does it protect the wood, but it shows off its natural colors. If you want to add a darker color, keep reading below.

Paint It

Although Jordan will probably scoff at this, I enjoy painting on anything I can get my hands on. My go-to paint is always painting to revamp furniture. It enables novices like me to produce stunning projects. I used FMP to transform the bottom of my cherished buffet in Midnight Blue.

Stain It

My second favorite method of updating furniture is staining. But be warnedtest out your stain in a small spot to see how the stain takes to your piece.

While we have a favorite stain, we know that it can look very different on different types of wood. To get around this, we will stain our piece twice, once with each color, to achieve the shade we love so much.

You have the option of purchasing your stain from any big-box retailer or making your own! I’ve never made my own recipe, but you can find several great ideas here to revamp furniture.

It’s definitely a matter of preference whether to paint or stain a piece of furniture. Like classic all-white paint or something bright like yellow, you can choose from warm and contemporary stain colors.

Add Furniture Wax

If you have a piece that is stripped already or just could use new wax, consider adding a darkened wax to it. First, clean your piece and follow any prep directions for your wax.

When I painted my buffet a few years ago, I topped it off with Espresso Wax from Homestead House. It lowered the overall brightness and perfection of the work. I applied wax all over the piece and then removed it. Wherever it would naturally “age,” I left a small amount of extra wax.’

Clean It

Your upcoming project may occasionally just require a thorough cleaning to revamp furniture.

You may already have a favorite cleaner, but I like using Simple Green for most outdoor / non-wood furniture. Lauren from Bless’er House showed pretty impressive results when she cleaned her new trash to treasure find!

If you have a power washing system, you may be able to get even better results.

Consider the opportunities that could be opened up with a little elbow grease the next time you see a buy/sell post with old furniture! You don’t need to paint or wax!

Spray Paint Secondhand Furniture

The last resort, in my opinion, for transforming beautiful furniture is spray paint to revamp furniture. The main reason is that, despite how inexpensive it is, I find it difficult to avoid drip lines. In addition, Jordan is much more patient with spray painting than I am.

However, a can of spray paint can work wonders on the furniture you already own! A piece can be made into a statement piece by making it bright and shiny, or it can even be aged by using matte spray paint.

The enjoyable aspect of using spray paint is that it typically requires little preparation and can be completed in a single afternoon. For small pieces like tables and plant stands, choose a vibrant color!

This is no longer your dad’s bright red color because there are so many different spray paint options.

Add New Hardware

Consider replacing the hardware if you already like the color of a piece but feel there is something out of date about it.

Stores like IKEA, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, or even Lowe’s can help you add a lot of personalities.

Hardware exchanges can have a significant impact for less than a few dollars per pull and require little effort.

Swap Out the Legs

By switching out your piece’s legs, you can add a little extra flair. Turn your piece on its side to determine how to remove the existing legs before proceeding. If it looks simple enough, you can buy fun hairpin legs, modern legs, or even some craftsman-style legs online. Use this chance to adjust the piece’s height so that it fits your room.

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What Are the Other Ideas for Revamp Furniture?

40 ideas are listed for you to choose which one is the best way to revamp furniture.

Upholster Your Headboard

Although reupholstering a headboard may seem like a difficult DIY project, it’s actually not that bad. The hardest part of the project may be removing the headboard, which is something you’ll need to do first. You will then need to find some one-inch foam, wadding, and fabric to revamp furniture. Before attaching the wadding and then the fabric to the headboard with a staple gun, cut the foam to size and glue it in place first. Fabric glue will work if you don’t quite have the necessary skills; just make sure the fabric is taut.

Reach for the Rattan

Rattan furniture is popular right now, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to furnish your home in style. By simply removing the inner door sections and substituting them with a roll of cane webbing, the team at Furniture And Choice quickly transformed this beautiful cabinet. The unit was also given a striking deep black paint job and stylish golden handles.

Update Your Desk With Rose Gold

Rose gold is the color to go with if you want to add trendy metallics to your homeworking space without sacrificing style to revamp furniture. This Rust-Oleum upcycle modernizes a plain metal desk in a lovely pastel color scheme, making it warm and welcoming.

Revamp With New Handles

Changing the handles is the quickest and simplest way to spruce up vintage furniture if you have a tight budget and little time to devote to an upcycling project. Furniture hardware comes in a plethora of styles, from charming porcelain options to these modern hand-cast polished brass handles from PullCast. Think creatively, then take a moment to admire your skill.

Give a Bar Cart An Art Deco Makeover

Siobhan Murphy only had to pay £300 ($406) for this used bar cart from Facebook Marketplace. Siobhan added gold leaf to the countertop to give the bar a stylish Art Deco finish after giving it a quick coat of the baby pink Dowsing & Reynolds paint with the apt name of Get Plastered. It is now the ideal place to pass the time because it is decorated with kitschy accessories.

Liven Up a Wardrobe With Leopard Pring

Animal prints are here to stay, so we’re thrilled that Annie Sloan and her in-house paint experts have created this stunning upcycling project using leopard print to revamp furniture. By adding layers of paint and wax, an effect is produced that is modeled after the traditional batik printmaking process.

Ombré a Second-hand Dresse

Blogger Medina Grillo picked this mid-century dresser when she had to upcycle something she found at a thrift store. She began by sanding it, and after realizing her initial plan to stencil half circles along the bottom drawer wouldn’t work, she moved on to plan B. She removed the paint by sanding it, then stained a dark wax on two-thirds of the piece. She used a dry brush technique to paint the bottom drawer with white chalk paint after it had dried, moving the paint quickly upward. A cool ombré effect is an outcome!

Upcycle Play Furniture

Kids’ furniture shouldn’t be overlooked! In order to test out her own full-size kitchen designs, the blogger played the kitchen a makeover to revamp furniture. She used plywood for the splashback and cut to-size lengths of ribbed wood to cover the doors, giving her the chance to make her dreams of plywood and ribbed wood come true. The faucet handles, and sink received a contemporary makeover with black spray paint.

Add Personality With Washi Tape

Adding detail with washi tape is a really fast way to update furniture. IKEA MALM drawers were given a makeover by crafter Hester van Overbeek using this removable craft tape, which is ideal for transforming any unwanted items. Make different-sized triangles, squares, and other geometric shapes by sticking lengths of tape to your drawer to begin. For a professional finish, slide your finger over the tape to apply it, then cut the tape’s ends into neat, straight lines.

Breathe New Life into Your Garden Bench

Keep that garden bench; instead of throwing it away, give it a fresh coat of exterior wood paint in a deep jewel tone. Before applying the stain with a big brush, sand it down and clean it. Paint any fretwork or other details a contrasting color if you have any. This has gold accents for a luxurious look. Why not add a recycled pallet table in a striking jewel tone to finish off your outdoor furniture ensemble?

Go Boho With a Chest of Drawers

What a gorgeous chest of drawers created by @lesrecreationsakim in the boho style! You can easily find a simple teak or oak unit like this in a garage sale or thrift store. After giving it a quick sand and cleaning, paint the two top drawers and add stencil detailing to the others. All you need is some white paint, some mandala stencils, and a steady hand.

Blend in a Bookcase

Begone, boring bookcases! You should try this paint decorating idea. Why not make a cohesive design flow and paint your furniture the same color if you’re looking to decorate a space? A plain cabinet and the surrounding walls have been painted a stunning shade of azure blue. A band of white runs down the middle of the walls and bookcase for added interest. Before painting your bookcase, use a suitable primer, and for a neat finish, measure and mark out the band with high-quality painter’s tape.

Elevate Side Tables With Silver Leaf

Furniture with mirrors and other reflective surfaces is still popular but it can be quite expensive. Use the silver leaf to decorate the top of an old side table as a cost-effective substitute. Apply the leaf all over using spray adhesive, then finish by applying a protective sealer. It has more shine and protection with a glass or acrylic top. What a creative DIY hack, eh?

Doodle on Your Dining Chairs

This freehand project from Look Between The Lines is perfect for aspiring artists. With the aid of a dependable black Sharpie marker and lots of imagination, white plastic chairs are transformed. Make sure the chairs are clean and dry before beginning to draw patterns on the underside; it might be helpful to draw some patterns on paper first so you have a reference.

Revamp a Vintage Sideboard

The process of remodeling doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. This 1950s unit looked dated and worn before, but now it looks gorgeous. This stunning illustration of a well-executed mid-century update is painted in a deep navy blue with hints of its original wood showing through, has switched its original legs for a set of industrial-style gold hairpin ones, and replaced the handles with sleek metal bars.

Add Sunshine to a Garden Set

For stylish outdoor dining, choose gloss lacquer paint mixed with chalk paint to refresh worn-out metal garden furniture. For less than £40 ($54), you can purchase a similar vintage set on eBay. It only needs a quick sanding and cleaning before you paint it with chalk paint in any color you like—go neon for a fun summer look—and varnish it with a durable, water-based polyacrylic varnish to withstand everyday use.

Revive a Vintage Bathtub

How about using this as a low-cost luxury bathroom design idea? If you’re fortunate enough to own a clawfoot vintage tub, transform it into the focal point of your bathroom with this striking makeover. Painter’s tape should be used to first delineate the bath’s non-paintable areas. After a light sanding, wipe the area dry. Apply two coats of your chosen color after spraying on a primer. Spray a clear lacquer on top for a gloss finish to finish.

Create a Retro Pet Palace

This adorable pet house created by @vintageinteriorxx has us completely smitten. Look through the listings on eBay or Gumtree if you don’t already have a vintage television like this one. Remove the internal electrics with caution to reveal the smooth shell, then cover it with wallpaper with a pattern. Your pet friend is ready to cuddle up once you add a soft, cozy bed. If you don’t have pets, you could use it as a stylish DVD storage unit or a cool drinks cabinet.

Go Bold With a Bed Frame

What about this as bedroom inspiration? When coupled with coordinating bedding and eye-catching, vibrant pink curtains, a rich coat of paint on a worn-out wooden bedframe is an easy way to add style to your bedroom. You’ll need chalk paint for a project like this. It requires no sanding or other preparation, is easy to apply, and adheres to wooden surfaces beautifully. For this daring look, pick a cobalt hue.

Create a Shabby Chic Suitcase Table

Why not make that worn-out old suitcase in the attic into a chic hall table rather than throwing it away? The final step is simply to affix a set of hairpin legs to the underside. Depending on the durability, it might be worthwhile to add a sheet of MDF to the interior for reinforcement. This retro makeover will not only look fantastic in your hallway but also serve as additional storage.

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Jazz Up Folding Metal Chairs

With the help of My Fabulous Life’s clever project, give those functional folding metal chairs that we all seem to have stashed in the garage new life. Just give them a quick dusting, wash them with soap, and let them air dry. Next, liberally spray-paint each chair (about one can at a time), after which you should cover the seat pads with an eccentrically patterned fabric. For each chair, you’ll need about half a yard of fabric. There’s no need to keep them hidden any longer!

Embellish Dresser Drawers

This dresser appears understated and classic at first, but the playful drawer detailing gives it real personality. Whether you’re young or young at heart, pink candy stripes are a fun addition to any bedroom. You’ll need chalk-finish paint, a ruler, and masking tape to trace the design to achieve the desired effect.

Add Farmhouse Charm to An Old Table

Think again if you believe that solid oak will cost you a fortune to achieve that rustic farmhouse look. White Lace Cottage has created a shabby chic masterpiece out of an ordinary, uninspired dining table. Apply a coat of light blue paint to your table to achieve the desired effect. Once dry, mark the five faux planks on the tabletop with painter’s tape, leaving just a little space between each one. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and paint it in a grey-brown color. With a wood grain tool, you could also add more paint to the “planks” for added realism.

Decoupage the Dining Table

This tattered dining table, complete with an iron scorch mark, needed some serious TLC. It could have been dumped, but Pillar Box Blue used this simple technique to completely transform it. The top was decoupaged in vividly colored wallpaper after a quick sanding and cleaning, and clear varnish was applied to protect it from deterioration.

Embellish a Bedside Table

If you’re new to upcycling, you might want to start with a simpler project like this bedside cabinet makeover by @happyretrofurniture. If you don’t already own a unit in need of repair, look on Gumtree or eBay and you can find one for next to nothing. To complete this cheerful renovation, all you need is a tester pot of paint, a few wallpaper samples, and PVA glue.

Embellish a Bedside Table

A quick coat of paint and some patterned wallpaper completely transformed this vintage sideboard, which was discovered in a charity shop for just $20 (£15). Select self-adhesive paper for a clean finish and furniture paint with a satin finish that you can apply with a roller and won’t require priming. To achieve a bold appearance, experiment with various color schemes and contrasting patterns.

Paint the Rainbow

Why settle for a dull brown patio set? Sunlight radiates from @solaris100’s vibrant redesign concept! It only took one afternoon to complete, and all you need is painter’s tape and your preferred spray paints, the more vivid the better. For the ideal color combination, tape the edges of various tabletop sections and spray-paint each one with a different color. For a fun two-tone look, paint the chair tops, then add neutral seat pads to complete the look. And Pimms is still available!

Makeover a Metal Bedframe

Although you don’t have to stick to conventional neutral colors, Victorian-style metal bedframes are an eccentric addition to kid’s rooms. In order to create a unified look, paint the frame a warm primary color and use it on all of the accessories. You might need to clean the metalwork and sand it depending on how good the frame was, to begin with before applying a primer. Apply chalk paint or colored spray paint twice. To complete, add some adorable stuffed animals!

Patchwork a Footstool

Our list of priorities includes kicking our feet up after a long day. Upgrade a worn-out footstool to make a chic place to sit. For a sweet shabby chic country feel, remove the worn-out fabric and replace it with a patchwork design made of four different fabrics.

Style Up An Old Side Table

A fantastic addition to a contemporary living room is this super-simple constellation side table made by the creative people at Rust-Oleum. Mark out your choice of zodiac formation and a geometric moon design with painter’s tape; this one is Aquarius. Then, use shimmery gold paint to paint the designs. Leave to dry before removing the tape to reveal you’re lovely design.

Spruce Up a Console

A fresh coat of paint is an elegant and quick way to modernize a piece of old furniture that has seen better days. A dash of cozy yellow has been used to quickly update this console table. Just apply chalk paint to the legs and underside for a colorful finish, leaving the top in its original condition. Give the paintwork a light sanding to make it look a little more rustic if you want.

Give Wooden Chairs the Watercolour Treatment

Old wooden chairs can be given a fresh coat of paint by applying a watered-down wash of paint, just like @lastressillas did. Their gentle graduated hue gives a dining room set a delicate finish and is a wonderful replacement for garish neon colors. Play around with colors and patterns; for instance, you could paint half the legs to achieve a trendy two-tone look.

Go Elegant With Delicate Engraving

Wood burning, also known as pyrography, is a distinctive way to add personalized details to materials like leather, wood, and other materials. You can stencil and draw almost any pattern onto a wooden piece of furniture like this with a little imagination, some skill, and a special pyrography pen. There are a ton of online tutorials you can use if you have no prior experience.

Bling Out a Chest of Drawers

Everyone has owned a RAST chest of drawers at some point or another; they are a classic IKEA staple. These units are the perfect blank canvas for your artistic whims because they are ready for a facelift. This project by How to Nest for Less is painted a vibrant coral and has a glamorous finish thanks to pendant drawer pulls and gemstone accents. We do enjoy a good IKEA hack!

Upholster With Floral Fabric

This season, granny chic florals are in full bloom, so what better time to update your soft furnishings? With a new cover, you can give a plain armchair that has seen better days a facelift. Either make a slip to cover it or start from scratch with the upholstery.

Customize a Coffee Table

Furniture can be quickly and inexpensively updated by freehand painting. @trashfurniture has reimagined this mid-century coffee table in a stunning new way. Before you begin, sand and clean the object, then paint its legs a dark gray color. Trace your motifs with acrylic or latex paint on top, and then, once dry, seal with clear varnish.

Update Dining Chairs With Maps

Pillar Box Blue has given these used wooden school chairs a creative makeover for a very low price. Take the chairs apart, sand them, and then clean them to achieve the desired effect. Decoupage the paper onto the wooden fronts by carefully applying PVA glue and a selection of maps from your favorite places in the world. Apply a layer of protective varnish after it has completely dried before reassembling.

Fake Marble With Sticky-back Plastic

Although marble is extremely fashionable, the real thing is quite expensive. Follow these easy instructions from Splendor Styling to get the look without spending a fortune. Any flat surface will do; tables, chairs, bookcases, and worktops all work well. All you need is some sticky-back plastic. If you get bored with marble, there are also a ton of other designs to pick from. You must give this quick style fix a shot.

Go Bold With Graphic Paint Effects

When you’re upcycling your home furnishings, don’t forget to think about the bathroom. Designed by someone, this vanity unit is actually a vintage chest of drawers that has been updated with a vibrant geometric pattern. To make it practical as well as stylish, a wash basin has been plumbed into the top. Totally flipped from a cheap find at a flea market!

Decorate With Decoupage

The crew at Conscious Cubby expertly transformed this gorgeous mid-century sideboard. They decided to spray paint the unit’s wooden surface a rich shade of blue, and then decorate it with a decoupaged gold palm leaf pattern that was also repeated on the cabinet’s feet. This chic and fashionable piece was given a touch of Golden Age glamour by having handles that were painted the same shade of gold. Make sure to buy the proper paints for use on hardware and wood before starting a project like this.

If you want to revamp the furniture, painting is a good choice, but the other 40 ideas are also used for you to choose from. Which one would you like to apply to your furniture?